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How Do I Just Ship It?

It's easy!

1. Register on eShipity: Click the 'Register' link at the bottom of any page and create a new customer account using the same email address that you use for receiving payments on Paypal.
- This is how you get paid. If you don't have a Paypal account just click the PayPal logo and create an account.

Secured by PayPal

Register on eShipity with the same name and address that you will be using as the return shipping name and address on the packages you ship to eShipity.
- This unique information is used to identify your items when they arrive.
- Be sure to place your name and return shipping address
on every package.
- When eShipity receives your first shipment you will also be given a uni
que Seller Number to use for future shipments.

If you need to edit your email, name or shipping address you can do so at anytime by clicking 'My Account' in Customer Service.

Agree: Read the Sell My Stuff page, the What Can I Sell? page and the How Are My Items Priced? page in the main SELL STUFF category located in the header above.
- By sending a shipment to eShipity you agree to these simple terms.

3. Confirm: Confirm the items you will be sending to eShipity by emailing a picture of all your items to support@eShipity.com. Just a quick single picture is fine as long as it visibly shows all your items. It doesn't need to show great detail, just as long as the items can be identified reasonably. If you are sending items that require being identified by specifics, then please snap some quick pictures of those specifics. Please DO NOT ship anything until you receive a confirmation email of your accepted items. The confirmation email will be sent promptly, within 24 hours.

Just Ship It:
Package insurance and si
gnature confirmation are required
on all packages shipped to eShipity.
- This eliminates any possible problems outside of eShipity's control and gives you total peace of mind.


Like to have a chat before shipping your items? Just email support@eShipity.com

- emails answered promptly

Handy Shipping Tips: USPS First Class is the lowest cost for packages weighing 13 ounces and under.
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes and large cardboard envelopes (the large soft Priority envelopes are not flat rate) can be a good bargain for packages over 13 ounces if you can fit your items into them. Priority Mail Flat Rate supplies - boxes, envelopes and even the tape are provided free for you at your local post office. You can even take Flat Rate supplies home for free as well (not the tape).

For larger items, USPS Priority Mail, USPS Standard Post and FedEx Ground are good options. You can compare them at usps.com and fedex.com or at your local offices. The shipping cost is based on your package weight and from where you ship to eShipity, unless it's over 108 inches in combined length and girth, then the measurements start to factor into the cost for USPS packages.

You can get an online shipping discount, print labels and pay for Priority Mail online at usps.com, but Standard Post and First Class have to be purchased at the post office.
You can get an online shipping discount, print labels and pay for shipping at fedex.com as well.