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Level Leap'n

Sellers can make leaps toward
Level 6 by purchasing eShipity gift certificates. When you purchase certificates their values are calculated just the same as if you made a sale. Certificates never expire and make nice gifts for anyone or just use them yourself.

For example, you could buy a $200 gift certificate and leap to level 2 right away. However, you don't have to leap an entire level. You can make leaps in any amounts you want whenever you like by choosing any value certificate you desire.

If you are a seller and a buyer you may use the same gift certificate purchase for both Level Leap'n and achieving Free Shipping status when buying items.

When purchasing gift certificates be sure to enter the same name and address during checkout that you used to register your customer account on eShipity. Your name and address need to match in order to receive the proper credit for Level Leap'n.