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Sell My Stuff

eShipity specializes in items valued
under $50, but welcomes higher valued items as well.

Sell a couple items or have an online yard sale by just putting your items in a box! Just ship it to eShipity and be done with it in a matter of minutes!

You do no work.

is simple to use for sellers and completely eliminates the problems with public to public ecommerce transactions found on other sites.

How Much Do I Earn?

Level 1:
of your sales until you reach $200 in sales, paid via Paypal.
Level 2: 85% after you reach $200.
Level 3: 86% after $500.
Level 4: 87% after $1,000.
Level 5: 88% after $2,000.
Level 6: 90% after $5,000. When you reach level 6 you earn 90% forever.
- Learn how to
Level Leap.

You pay the cost of shipping your items to eShipity.
There are no other costs or fees.

- There is also a free shipping option. Just click HERE
for the details.

It may feel unfamiliar
to pay for shipping your items, especially for experienced online sellers, but those feelings fade quickly when it sinks in that you do no work and receive up to 90% of the sales.

Plus, compare the "actual" final percentage of sales you receive on other sites to your profit on eShipity.

Selling on eShipity is saying goodbye to:

  • Creating listings
  • Photographing items
  • Storing your unsold items
  • Corresponding with buyers
  • Meeting with buyers for Pick Up
  • Buyers not showing up for Pick Up
  • Purchasing and obtaining shipping materials
  • Packing your sold items
  • Constant post office trips
  • Dealing with problem buyers
  • Dealing with scammers
  • Handling returns
  • Being held hostage by buyer feedback
  • Getting ripped off
  • Fear of being suspended from the site
  • Uncertainty of your business' future

Seller Number

When eShipity receives your first shipment a unique seller number is assigned and emailed to you. Type it into the search box in the upper right corner and all your item listings will appear along with your current sales level.

Just Ship It