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What Can I Sell?

eShipity uses four item condition categories:
New - Like New - Used - Salvage
Category definitions

You are welcome to sell any item you want as long as it is not on the list of No:

item that is not clean.

No item that is in poor or non working condition - poor or non working salvage category items are acceptable.

No item that requires testing beyond visible inspection, charging or powering on (example: used electrical/computer parts) - salvage category items for parts or repair are acceptable.

No item of lesser value than $5 plus it's own shipping cost (the shipping cost the buyer pays when sold).
Examples: If your item has a shipping cost of about $8, then that item would need to have a sellable value of about $13. If your item has a shipping cost of $4, then that item would need to have a sellable value of about $9.

No item that is not "sale worthy". (items of extremely low demand that will just sit around for years - junk nobody wants)

extremely fragile items that may break during shipment: glass, china, etc..
- Individual pieces valued under $100, properly packed and insured are Acceptable.

No DVDs or music CDs.
- Collectible DVD box sets and Out of Print DVDs rated below R are Acceptable.

No items that can't be verified or require a license or code: gift cards, prepa
id phones, coupons, subscriptions, software, etc..

No highly valuable items that require authentication: art, watches, jewelry, etc..
- Clearly marked jewelry and watches valued under $100 are Acceptable.

No weapons, toy weapons, counterfeit items, adult items, alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

No power strips or space heaters.

No individual item weighing over 70 pounds including packaging or measuring over 108 inches in combined length and girth including packaging.


  • Art

  • Artifacts, grave-related items, or Native American arts and crafts

  • Animals or wildlife products, including mounted specimens, fur coats and clothing, and ivory

  • Autographed items -- Autographed items with a certificate of authenticity are Acceptable

  • Books, including any kind of study material -- First edition books with a certificate of authenticity are Acceptable

  • Catalytic converters or test pipes

  • Child car seats

  • Baby or kids’ clothing -- New and like new kids' winter outerwear is Acceptable (coats, gloves, hats, boots)

  • Underwear, lingerie or swimwear -- New swim trunks only and brand new underwear with tags are Acceptable

  • Contracts, credit cards, lottery tickets, stocks or other securities

  • Currency -- Authentic, collectible coins are Acceptable

  • Embargoed goods and goods not allowed for sale in the US

  • Event tickets

  • Firearms, weapons, toy weapons, knives, police or military paraphernalia -- Kitchen knives are Acceptable

  • Government documents, including ID's, licenses or manuals -- Non-government manuals are Acceptable

  • Hazardous materials, including paint, cleaning solvents, detergents, batteries, fireworks, pesticides and refrigerants

  • Human remains or body parts

  • Illegal items, including stolen property, items with removed serial numbers and recalled items

  • Items encouraging illegal activity, including cable TV descramblers, radar scanners, traffic signal control devices, surveillance equipment, wiretapping devices, lock picking devices and mailing lists

  • Manufacturers’ coupons, gift cards, prepaid phones, or subscriptions

  • Media including VHS tapes, cassettes, music CDs and music records

  • Offensive material, including sexually suggestive material, ethnically or racially offensive material and Nazi memorabilia

  • Prescription or over the counter medical devices or drugs, including contact lenses, pacemakers and surgical instruments

  • Plants, seeds or tobacco

  • Real estate

  • Replicas or unauthorized copies

  • Slot machines

  • Software or pc games that require a license code

  • Stamps -- Collections sold as one lot are Acceptable, but you must price them

  • Unsealed cosmetics

  • US Postal Service mail bags, uniforms or postage meters

  • Used soft toys -- Collectible soft toys in new to like new condition with tags are Acceptable

  • Video games rated M or above -- Games rated T and below are Acceptable

Questions? JustShipIt@eShipity.com